Monday, March 21, 2016

A Trip Postscript

by Susan Weinberg

We've sent off our traveling companions and are feeling a bit sad to no longer have their company.  Some are off to visit family, many flew back in the early hours of the morning to the United States.  It was a remarkable trip in terms of both the artists that we met and because of our wonderful group of fellow travelers.

For those who would like to explore a trip similar to ours, I wanted to share our itinerary and the resource people who helped us put this together.

The inspiration for many of our stops came from lab members and discussions we had in the lab over the past few years.  The dinner in Jaffa in the dark, the graffiti tour and the work of David Moss were all discussed within the lab. We also had some wonderful unexpected surprises through prior contacts of the organizers.   Rabbi Davis had previously hosted Rabbi Noah Greenberg in Minneapolis and his shtender project with David Moss proved to be an unanticipated delight.  When something seems to work effortlessly you can be sure a lot of wise planning preceded it.  That planning was handled by Meryll Page, Robyn Awend, Rabbi Alexander Davis and our wonderful Anat Szendro who was one of our early facilitators who returned to her home in Israel to welcome us there. Many of our artists participated in telling our story through this blog.  I got a reprieve from my usual blog writing, but was responsible for coordinating the effort to capture everything here.  We spoke often of seeing through someone else's eyes and the blog is a reflection of that effort.  

Our tour was done through Shatour Israel Experience Ltd. with the able assistance of Nathan and Hanna Shapiro.  Shatour is located at15 Even Shmuel; Jerusalem 9723484.  You can reach them by phone at  02 586 5267 or email at

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