Monday, March 21, 2016

Posting about Posters

March 22, 2016 by Suzanne Fenton
While part of our lab is traveling in Israel, the rest of the lab participants are keeping the wheels turning in Minneapolis.

We kicked off our session by viewing posters for Jewish and non-Jewish exhibitions to see the many ways they canprovide the necessary exhibit information to bring people in. The posters covered a wide range of ideas and themes and it was interesting to see the different stories they told.
A real crowd-pleaser was a poster promoting a Jewish film festival. The image of two black unrolled films danglingdown like corkscrew curls looked just likepaote” (orthodox man curls) and was brilliant in its simplicity. In contrast, the image of a menorah with train tracks cutting through it for “keeping the memory alive” was extremely disturbing and powerful.

There were some highly graphic ones with spectacular typography, different perspectives/depth, positive and negative space, multiple layers and foreign languages that for the most part conveyed the necessary information in order to attend an event; Title, who, where, and when. We viewed posters that gave too much information like the bus you need to take to get there and that the gallery is located just above McDonalds and then there were some that didn’t provide enough. Most tried to tell a story but a few were lost in translation so were not sure what the story was.

Two things we learned during our discussion: Blue is the color that really sells and white POPS.
The slide show presentation highlighted the myriad options we have to consider when making our own posters for the Voices Of Wisdom exhibit. We spent the remainder of the session sketching, painting, and collaborating on posters and will continue to work on them at home. Anita shared her “reflective” poster with the group for feedback and got a thumbs-up.

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