Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One Day, One Gallon

Lab 1.0  - January 13  by Robyn Awend

Lab 1.0 met in the theatre, choose a favorite flavor of popcorn and gathered to watch the film, Watermark. The film features Canadian photographer, Edward Burtynsky, dedicated to chronicling how man affects the environment, turning his attention from land to water with mesmerizing results. Burtynsky explores our relationship with water through the way we drink, dam, worship and rely on it, not to mention how we take it for granted. Some explanation is provided, but the film withholds both judgment and context. It serves as a survey of where things stand with the world – an invaluable record of our collective hand print for present and future generations.

Following the film, we had a discussion about our immediate thoughts and feelings in reaction to the film. Some relayed feelings of discomfort, others were in awe of its beauty, a few expressed thoughts of possible next steps. Before we departed, Liba gave us a One Day, One Gallon Water Challenge. Each of us received a one gallon jug of water which is to be used during an upcoming 24 hour period as our total consumption of water for that day. This includes cooking, bathing, drinking, etc. We will be sharing our experience at the next Lab, which will make for a most interesting discussion.

The film Watermark is available on Netflix for those who were unable to attend..

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