Saturday, December 13, 2014


Lab 1.0 December 9, 2014
by Robyn Awend

Meryll introduced the theme of borders by sharing an excerpt from the poem: To Live in the Borderlands Means You by Gloria Anzaldua.

“To survive the Borderlands you must live sin fronteras (without borders), be a crossroads.”

This led into a discussion about mythological cultures and water (deities, sea Gods, etc.) We referenced Genesis 32-33 and explored the relevancy of water, the river location, and its boundaries. 

 From there, Liba used the theme of boundaries and borders to explore some experimental movement through improv. We shared moments of laughter, contemplation and synergy. Woven into the movement was dialogue surrounding the boundaries we place on our artwork, ourselves, and others -- for comfort, for necessity and out of habit.

We also spent some time discussing the Artists’ Lab trip to Israel coming up in March 2016!

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