Thursday, October 2, 2014

A New Approach

The Minneapolis Jewish Artists' Lab began in October 2012 and is now entering its third year.  Those of us who have participated have found it to be meaningful and inspiring on many levels.  Certainly the content has been thought-provoking, but the opportunity to work with our wonderful facilitators and build a community of artists has added an important dimension. Our group has continued to grow and that began to present a dilemma.  How do we invite new artists to share in this experience while preserving the intimacy that a smaller group affords?

In the 2014/15 year we are embarking on a new approach.  The group has been split into two with those who have participated for two years joining Lab 2.0 and those who are new or have participated for one year joining Lab 1.0.  Lab 2.0 will have more of a self-directed aspect, but the two labs will meet jointly on a periodic basis.  As the Resident Writer I have written about our discussions in this blog.  As I will be participating in Lab 2.0, I will continue to document that lab personally, but will also post information and photos that are provided from Lab 1.0.  All content will be posted on the home page, but for those interested in information just on a specific lab, you will be able to access it by the tab at the top of the page.  We will continue to have a website that you can access by the website link also above.  The website will include information on exhibitions of our members.  We encourage you to get to know the work of your fellow artists and to share your work through this site by contacting me with exhibition information.

Shana Tova.

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